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MS - Cini Flake

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Maximum Smoke CINI FLAKE premium eliquid.

PG 30%-VG 70% .

Dessert flavored eliquid.

For whom cinnamon cake, for whom Cini Minis. . . , but one for sure, divine.

Nicotine-free eliquid (0mg) and nicotine eliquid (6mg, 12mg, 18mg) can also be selected.

Available packaging: 10ml, 50ml (5*10ml), 100ml (10*10ml)

The eliquid can be filled and used immediately in the e-cig.

The eliquid must be kept away from children and pets!

Maximum Smoke manufactory

The Maximum Smoke manufactory is one of the oldest eliquid manufacturing companies on the market.

Eliquids have been produced for several years in the name of quality and maximalism.

We managed to prove that in our favored mixing ratio of PG30%-VG70%, it is possible to make eliquids not only with high vapor, but also with flavor, which we enhanced by creating the VG95% eliquid family, which also has a good and characteristic taste.

Maximum Smoke eliquids are made without compromise, represent premium quality and serve the needs of demanding e-cigarette users.

Maximum Smoke eliquid, when quality matters: IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU BLOW INTO YOUR LUNGS!



Which nicotine eliquid should I choose?

There are two things to keep in mind:
1. What is the nicotine content of smoked cigarettes.
2. How many cigarettes have you smoked so far?
First, the nicotine content of analog cigarettes is multiplied by 30.
For example, if the nicotine content of a cigarette is 0.6mg, then 0.6x30 = 18, so you have to choose an eliquid with 18mg content, but you have to look at how many cigarettes were consumed in a day.
After smoking two cans, 18mg is a good choice, but in the case of 1 can, we recommend only 12mg eliquid.
First of all, we recommend that everyone try several eliquids.
It is not certain that the taste of the first eliquid will win us over right away, so you have to try several flavors.
We recommend that you also try the fruit or dessert flavored eliquids, because they can be a very pleasant experience.
Many people gave up cigarettes with fruit-flavored eliquids and for the first time stuck to tobacco-flavored eliquids.

What should I do if I have chosen a strong eliquid?

All Maximum Smoke eliquids can be mixed unlimitedly with Maximum Smoke eliquids with a lower nicotine content.

Can eliquids of different flavors be mixed with each other?

All Maximum Smoke eliquids can be mixed with other flavored Maximum Smoke eliquids.

How harmful are e-cigarettes?

According to studies published by renowned researchers and pulmonologists, the health-damaging effect of analog cigarettes is 100% on a scale of 100, and that of e-cigarettes is 4%.

What we rarely talk about:

Dry mouth and smellier urine may occur during initial use of e-cigarettes.
These symptoms do not appear in everyone and not at the same time, they depend a lot on the years spent smoking and how heavy a smoker the person was.
There is no need to be alarmed by these symptoms, they are part of the body's detoxification process.
The body breathes as it gets rid of a lot of harmful substances and starts throwing out the dirt accumulated over the years.
This detoxification process can be helped and accelerated by consuming at least 3 liters of non-carbonated mineral water per day.
These unpleasant symptoms disappear in a few days, and in return, in a few weeks, the sense of taste increases greatly and the sense of smell returns.
Less salt and spices are needed in the food, because the taste buds are working again, the scents felt in childhood also return, and we realize that it is not the flowers that have no smell, but our sense of smell has gone after the years of smoking.

Attention, it's important!

Only buy eliquid from a reliable place!

Avoid unbranded, no name, cheap eliquids!

Eliquids distributed by an established, well-known and recognized company for years are made in a completely different way than eliquids sold with or without a crappy label.

Doesn't it matter what you inhale?!

What is E-LIQUID?

E-liquid is the filling liquid used for electric cigarettes. This eliquid is vaporized, inhaled and exhaled with each sip. All electric cigarettes work with e-liquid, so let's forget the term "water vapor", because e-liquid is not water.

What does e-liquid contain?

The two main components of e-liquid are propylene glycol (PG for short) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG for short).

The two materials used for e-liquid have different properties in several respects, but behave very similarly in terms of vaporization.

The additional ingredient is optional, i.e. it may vary by manufacturer and flavor. Such e.g. the aroma, but nicotine is also an optional ingredient, depending on the nicotine strength.

What are the main ingredients of e-liquid?

Propylene glycol (PG) is a very common raw material in the light industry, cosmetics, medicines, and food also contain or may contain PG. PG in the amount used in electronic cigarettes is not dangerous or toxic.

Vegetable glycerin (VG) is a medicine and cosmetic ingredient. It is also non-toxic and the amount used for e-cigarettes is not dangerous.

From a chemical point of view, PG is a better solvent than glycerol, so the flavors are better felt by it, the mucous membrane of the throat is more sensitive to the warm PG vapor, which is why its throat effect is stronger. Its smoke effect is relatively small.

VG is a weaker solvent, it conveys the flavors more restrained and less loud than PG, the back of the throat is also much weaker. In terms of smoke volume, however, it is suitable for forming much more intense clouds.

Another important difference between PG and VG used in e-liquid is that PG is more liquid and its density depends much less on the ambient temperature. Glycerin is honey-like at 10 degrees, but becomes very runny at 40-50 degrees.

It is advisable to take this into account in winter and cold weather.

Which e-liquid should I choose? Is PG or VG based e-liquid the best?

The answer is simple: a mixture of the two is most suitable for the right e-liquid. Most e-liquids are based on a mixture of PG and VG.

The proportion of Maximum Smoke e-liquids:

PG 30% + VG 70%


PG 5% + VG 95%

Those who switch to e-cigarettes do so in order to get used to the smoke produced by combustion, more specifically

get used to vaping, i.e. do it for your health, but don't do it in such a way that you have to give up the ritual formed by smoking. E-liquid can reduce or eliminate nicotine cravings. E-liquid can contain nicotine according to individual needs. This is given in milligram/milliliter ratio.


What makes e-liquid taste the way it does?

The aroma is responsible for the taste of e-liquid. Natural, nature-identical and artificial aromas make up the palette. High-quality e-liquids are deliberately made with aromas suitable only for inhalation. The aroma carrier is usually PG.


How is e-liquid made?

E-liquid is a mixture of precisely measured ingredients under clean conditions. Maximum Smoke eliquids are made from the purest pharmacopoeial Ph. Eur. 11.0 quality ingredients.

E-liquid storage and e-liquid shelf life

The e-liquid arrives at our customers with the warranty period marked on the e-liquid. The warranty period is informative. This is usually 1 year, but in practice it can be 2 years if kept in a cool place. It is recommended to store it in a cool place protected from light.




How to use e-liquid?

The use of e-liquid depends on the boilers and atomizers used for e-liquid.

Integrated cartridge, vatelines cartridge, renewable coil (MOD), etc. each has a different loading and usage method.


How much e-liquid will be enough for me?

Based on consumer data, the average domestic consumer vape between 2-4 ml of e-liquid per day, but the easiest way is for each user to find out how much e-liquid they need in a given period and adjust their e-liquid purchases accordingly. When ordering on, we try to prepare and mail our customers' orders on the day of the order, so that all our customers receive the ordered e-liquids and materials as quickly as possible (preferably the next day).

At the beginning, it is recommended to choose the 10ml e-liquid and preferably several flavors. Thus, there will always be more options and after consuming a bottle of e-liquid, it becomes clear how long such an e-liquid unit is sufficient for. In this way, the daily requirement can be calculated, in the light of which we can more confidently calculate in advance and buy larger e-liquid packages, even one to one and a half month's supply.

What flavor of e-liquid should I choose?

for e-liquids. What is a fantastic experience for one user may not be the best experience for another user. At first, we recommend choosing the e-liquid based on a broader taste, trying several e-liquids, in small packages, because even those who are addicted to the taste of tobacco regularly get pleasant surprises when trying fruity e-liquids.

Let's have a taste! If we have our permanent e-liquid flavors, we can then order a larger package and have an adventure with trying other flavors to color everyday according to our mood.

Whether we choose a tobacco-flavored e-liquid or a fruity-flavored e-liquid, we are definitely looking for the quality that Maximum Smoke guarantees.

Maximum Smoke e-liquids are tobacco-flavored e-liquids and fruit-flavored e-liquids. The e-liquids are available in 10, 50 and 100 ml packages.

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