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Flavor West Almond Toffee Candy aroma, eliquid aroma 10ml

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Flavor West Almond Toffee Candy aroma eliquid aroma

Mixing ratio: Mix at 6-8%.

USP Kosher quality flavoring.

Free from diacetyl and artificial colorings.

It is not suitable for filling e-cigarettes by itself!

Here are some tips for making e-liquids:

Use Syringes for Accurate Measurement: Many people mix their e-liquids based on the number of drops from dropper bottles, but drop count is not a standardized unit of measurement. If you want to recreate your meticulously crafted e-liquid precisely in the future, always use syringes for accurate measurement and document the quantities in a small notebook.

Experiment with Small Batches: When dealing with new, unfamiliar flavors, always mix them into your base liquids in small increments. Always mix with nicotine-free base liquids initially to save money in case the resulting e-liquid doesn't suit your taste.

Allow for Steeping Time: Mixed e-liquids need time to steep or mature, which is independent of the aroma manufacturer. The taste changes positively over time. For fruit e-liquids, 1 week of steeping is recommended, for dessert e-liquids, 2 weeks, and for tobacco e-liquids, 3-4 weeks.

Agitate the E-liquid: During the first few days, keep your e-liquid in a warm place and shake it multiple times a day to ensure thorough mixing and dissolution of the flavoring.

Personalize Your Mix: The essence of DIY e-liquid mixing is to tailor the e-liquid to your own taste preferences. Don't rely solely on others' experiences; instead, experiment to find the aroma percentage that suits you best.

Aromas Work Differently: Each flavoring works at different percentages, so you can't use the same amount of each flavoring in your base. Experimentation and tasting are key to finding the right balance.

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